Customized Sleep Aligner

A custom designed oral aligner  is worn during sleep to reposition the lower jaw slightly forward. The oral aligner lifts the throat tissue away from the back of the throat ensuring a clear airway during sleep. The aligner is one of the smallest sleep appliances on the market fitting similarly to a nightguard. The aligner is made from a soft flexible material for unmatched comfort.

Benefits of wearing a sleep aligner

Switching from a CPAP machine to an oral aligner has numerous benefits including the following:

  • No machine – No noise
  • No forced air into your mouth or nose
  • No mask or plastic hose
  • Treats snoring and sleep apnea
  • 100% customized to your needs and oral structures

Do I have sleep apnea?

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Say goodbye to cumbersome and uncomfortable sleep apnea treatment plans. Say hello to a good night’s sleep with an appliance small enough you’ll forget you are wearing it!


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