For Physicians: Referring Patients

What you can expect from our office:

  • We send follow up letters so you can follow along with your patient’s treatment updates.
  • We work with a 3rd party insurance company to file medical insurance for our patients.
  • Our aligners are completely customized for each individual’s needs.
  • We educate our patients on accompaniment treatment options such as proper sleep hygiene, weight loss, sleep masks, nasal cones or strips and bed wedges.
  • We will not treat patients who are not exemplary candidates for our oral aligners based on our examination.
  • We require each patient participates in a sleep test
  • We are committed to continuing education for our team to provide the newest and best service for our patients.

Dr. Paul Mabe looks forward to meeting with physicians and their team to help educate on oral aligners and how we can be an asset for your patients.

To set up a meeting with Dr. Paul Mabe to learn more about how oral sleep aligners might be right for your patients: email:


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Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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